Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pictures I took

My dear friend Laura Davis is moving to LA at the end of the month and taking a job with Yahoo. She currently resides in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, so I went last weekend to visit her. We tried unsuccessfully to go to the Brooklyn Flea Market, which was in Dumbo. Because of the rain, it closed early. But, I really enjoyed walking around the area (and had some delicious sushi). I took a pictures of some architecture I liked.

This is pretty modern, but I enjoyed this building. It reminded me of Legos.

A big fan of the colums on the Brooklyn Bridge.

And, me in Kid Robot in SoHo. I love toys!

Yesterday I briefly traveled to DC to meet a mystery man on a motorcycle (he was buying my Fleet Foxes tickets from me). The traffic was insane, so I decided to park my car and walk for a bit. I parked across the street from these dilapidated houses:


Here is a recent page from my sketchbook, plus a small cut out I did this week:

I have been interested in drawing houses lately. I am currently trying to draw a tiger. Much harder than I thought.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A better blogger

I have nothing new to show (yet) but am keeping myself pretty busy these days. To add to the hustle-bustle, I am working on a new blog with Steph. Hopefully it will be launched later this summer! Exciting stuff.

I walk to work. I like architecture and shapes. One of the perks of walking to work is that I get to walk by old architecture nearly everyday. Here is a door that I'm rather fond of:

Love the color and the shape. Quatrefoils FTW.